YO awesome news.

Any fans of Jason Reynolds out there?


Jason Reynolds is the acclaimed author of, to name a few, When I Was the Greatest, Miles Morales: Spider-Manand the newly-released Long Way Down (released today!).

I adore this man. Not only is he on his way to being this generation’s Walter Dean Myers, he visits schools across the country and talks to students — on their level.

“I don’t talk about reading — I talk about Kool-Aid and ramen noodles, Jordans and basketball, because that’s what matters to them.”

Reynolds wasn’t a reader himself as a child. And that’s one reason why he began writing books. If there are books meant for kids in urban societies, kids in underprivileged societies, kids of all backgrounds and ethnicities, then surely, kids will read. “I want these kids to know they’re not invisible, that their lives matter,” says Reynolds.

Want to hear from the man himself? Jason Reynolds will be speaking at Montclair State University (my alma mater, what what) at the annual NJCTE Conference. The event itself is amazing — great speakers, free books, booths full of more books for purchase, raffles — and this year, you’ll have the chance to hear Reynolds speak and maybe even get a book signed.

If you’re in the Jersey area, sign up! You won’t regret it! I’ll post some links here to do just that once the date gets closer.

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